The Business Of Premium Space



Creativity and necessity give rise to many things. It is through creativity that new house designs are discovered. On the other hand, necessity leads to various modifications on the houses. The today’s housing facilities are full of features that never existed. However, housing designs is also subject to some rules and regulations as per the housing departments. In the present times, not many people own a significant piece of land that can allow for construction of numerous structures. This means that, extension to the existing houses is not possible, as well. Therefore, a person who wishes to get some more space must aim high. This gives rise to the concept of loft conversions dublin

Understanding attic conversion

The attic also known as the loft is a space in the roof of a building. To many people, this is just a space, but under the modern day architecture, it offers the possibility to greater opportunities. The attic conversion involves transforming this space to an inhabitable zone. This means that, a person can opt to convert the attic instead of constructing a new house or expanding an existing one. This is a remarkable invention that saves people cost and offers affordability to better living conditions. The better living conditions in this case relate to enough space for everyone. A person who has several houses should consider attic conversions for all of them. This way, there is no need to outsource new houses. However, care should be taken when carrying out attic conversions since not all roofs can be modified. Further, there are laws and regulations relating to attic conversions. Therefore, a person needs to consult the relevant and authorities and seek the services of a profession in the area.


Attic conversions  and attic insulation are gaining pace in the modern day society due the need of more room and better living conditions. It’s an invention that should be encouraged as people try to aim higher.

Edited January 2016 to add: Disclaimer: Converting your attic is not a small job, and certainly is not something that you should take on board as a DIY project. As with any major structural work you must adhere to building regulations. If converting your attic into a room for regular use it is your responsibility to check for planning permission requirement and adherance to building regulations.  The Department of the Environment have a useful guide which you can find on their website.

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