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Welcome to my new blog which will consist of a mixture of my own experiences and observations on better business as well as guest posts by ‘accessible’ experts on the areas of sale and marketing, finance, HR, and productivity.

Todays guest post is by Eleanor Greavy of  Dublin SEO firm  She is going to talk us through her top tips for maximising your businesses presence online.

  1. It might sound pretty obvious but most businesses overlook it – start with a plan! Treat your new venture online as a new business. Do a business plan. Describe your market, the geographic reach, your target customers, their behaviours online. Don’t go into this with fingers crossed. It can be expensive if done wrong. What are your goals – sales? brand awareness? to stamp on your competition? Get it all down on paper before even thinking about defining your online marketing strategies.
  2. Hold On! Stop rushing to through money at Google Adwords, Facebook or SEO. Figure out your money keywords first. These are the keyword terms that your target market use in the search box when they go online to BUY a product or service you offer.
  3. Breath…time to analyse your options. And what… I still haven’t mentioned your website yet!! Having defined your market and gotten to know your online customers a little better you need to focus. Are they likely to be searching on their mobile, from their desktop at work or turning to social media for recommendations. Choose a platform and don’t get distracted. Think of the power of the sun when focused through a magnifying glass.
  4. Having chose your platform now define your online presence. If a lot of your customers will be doing in depth searches on their desktop then you need to get to work on a full website. However if many of your customers are coming from mobile perhaps a simple desktop site and a really brilliant mobile site is what you need. Similarly if most of your market activity is on facebook for example then you need to find a professional to design your facebook presence and get working on an engagement strategy.
  5. If your first step is your website then consider the following before getting caught up in the flair of wonderful designs and clever widgets.
  • Your website architecture is the first and most vital consideration if you want your website to be found. Ensure your website is tightly themed and the navigation and inner linking is logical .
  • Go wordpress all the way. It is easily edited and updated. It’s super SEO friendly and it’s not overly expensive to design on.
  1. 6. What online marketing services will you need: will you be focussing your money on immediate results with PPC or do you want to invest in the longer term success of your site? Then you need to investigate SEO Services in your area.

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